As the seasons change and the weather cools, a few small changes will make a big difference to how your home feels. Simply by swapping out a few accessories, and adding in some soft layers and personal touches, you can transform your living space into a cosy sanctuary to enjoy during the cooler months of the year.

An easy change - Cushions can give you a whole new look!

Our Autumn cushion collection will help you bring that cosy feeling home. Featuring soft linens and unique prints, as well as bold ochres and rich textures. For a simple seasonal change, swap out your existing cushion covers with new styles. All of our newest cushions can be purchased as covers only, or you can choose to take them home pre-filled with a luxurious feather insert. Looking for the perfect combination? We’ve compiled some great ideas to get you started, or you can ask our team in store for personalised advice.

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Add a little warmth and interest into the mix with textured soft furnishings.

An Autumn Decorating Checklist

Autumn Styling Favourites

Ambient Lighting & Candlelight

A coffee table with books and candles

One of the most noticeable changes you can make in your home is the addition of ambient lighting. Turn off your overhead lights in favour of the soft glow of lamps and candles. Not only will your home feel calmer, and more restful, but the addition of table lamps, floor lamps and candles will add style and personality to your room.

Scented Candles

Make your home instantly more inviting with a nice scented candle. We love to use fragrances that reflect the season, so for Autumn, a candle with base notes of wood or spice is perfect to evoke a sense of calm and warmth. Try some of our team favourites -  'Gabriel' from the Trudon collection with notes of Chimney Fire, Moss and Guaic Wood; or Tobacco Leaf by The Herbologist for something sweet and spiced. 

Choosing the Perfect Floor Rug

floor rug is the perfect touch to bring a room together and an essential layer that will make your home more welcoming to your family and guests. A light, neutral rug can make your room feel larger and more open, while a darker rug can help a small room feel cosy and intimate. When in doubt about size, measure for the largest size you can fit in the room, ensuring that the front legs of large furniture pieces such as sofas and arm chairs are on top of the rug. This will make your room feel cohesive and well put-together. For more information, read our rug size guide here

Storage Solutions

A tidy home is a calm home, so having storage that works for you and your family is key. Whether you need a home for toys, bags, shoes, blankets, magazines, washing, or even firewood; a basket is a great storage option for any room in your home.

Frame Special Memories

Put your happy memories on display in a frame. To adorn a side table or console, free standing photo frames are an elegant and very personal way to decorate your home. Go one step further and frame life's special moments in a frame to hang on the wall.