Choosing cushion combinations that work!

Putting together a combination of cushions for your home can feel a little daunting, but it doesn’t need to be. By following our tips on choosing cushions, you're guaranteed to choose a grouping that works, complementing both your home and your personal style! All you need to do is: 

  1. Choose a colour tone 
  2. Choose a print 
  3. Add texture 
  4. Mix up your sizes 

1. Choosing cushion colours

The first step to choosing a cushion combination that works is selecting common colour tones to work with. So long as your tones sit well together, it’s perfectly ok to mix and match patterns, textures and plains to create a group that works!

By keeping your colour story consistent, the overall look will be polished and deliberate. To choose a scheme, you could be guided by a colour you like, a decorating style or else something in the room you particularly enjoy, like a piece of art.

Consider your existing furnishings

If the cushions are for a sofa, you should also consider the colour and texture of the sofa fabric, and how your new cushion colours could work with it. 

For a bed, you may consider existing elements such as bed sheets, curtains or the bedhead to guide your cushion colour choice.

Tip: By choosing something in your room (such as an artwork) as a guide, you can work your cushion colours in with features of the room that your eye is already drawn to. This creates a harmonious scheme, and eliminates clashing features. 

2. Choose a print

Prints are a fun way to make a statement and add flair to a room. If you’re new to prints, you could start with just one pattern and bolster the look with plain colour cushions that work together with the colour tones. More prints can be added in time, remembering to keep working with your tones to create a cohesive style.

Mixing & Matching Prints

If you love the idea of a few prints mixed and matched together, choose a main colour theme and vary the patterns and scale of the prints. Strengthen the colours by using plain cushions in similar or contrasting tones. For a look that is matched and perfectly balanced, repeat patterns and colours, varying the cushion shapes to keep things interesting.

Good to know: Many of the cushions in our Pepperwhites collection are now available to purchase as 'cover only', giving you the flexibility to easily change your look with the seasons without doubling up on cushion inserts! 

3. Add Texture

By varying the textures in your cushion combinations, you can create look that is both interesting and harmonious, with or without the use of bold colours and prints. Examples of textures include rich fabrics such as velvet or silk, tactile boucle, rustic linens, and woven pattern such as knits and herringbone.  

4. Mix up the sizes and shapes

For a look that is matched and perfectly balanced, repeat patterns and colours, varying the cushion shapes to keep things interesting.  

Varying cushion sizes is another fresh way to ‘build’ a look and add unexpected interest. Using rectangular or ‘lumbar’ cushions in combination with large and small squares allows your eye to move across the group and see more of some cushions and less of others.

Tip: Remember, you can also include a throw blanket to supplement your cushions, adding texture as well as a layer of warmth and softness! 

Cushions are such a fabulous tool for decorating - a whole new look for your room can be as simple as a new combination, or even just one or two new ones added into your existing mix. And by following the steps above, you'll be sure to land on the perfect cushion combination that just works with your home and personal style, time and time again. 

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