Choosing the right size rug for your room

Adding a rug to a room adds a layer of comfort and makes it feel cozier and so much more inviting. A rug is a versatile accessory that adds colour, texture and pattern, it can also help insulate in cooler climates as well as improve acoustics.

Whether you're buying a rug for the bedroom, living room or dining room, our rug placement guide will help you choose the right rug size for your space. 

    Common rug sizes include 

    • 160cm x 230cm
    • 200cm x 290cm
    • 240cm x 330cm
    • 300cm x 400cm

    Measure Your Space

    Take accurate measurements of the room and think about where you want to place the rug and how much of the floor you need to cover. Take into consideration doors, alcoves, built in furniture or other architectural features which may affect the placement of the rug. 

    Furniture Arrangements

    Your rug should be generous enough to allow for furniture to be comfortably arranged on and around it. In a living room, at the very least, the rug should be large enough for the front legs of the furniture to sit on it. Ideally you should be able to place all your furniture on the rug so if space allows, go bigger!

    Scale Is important!

    Consider your room and furniture proportions bearing in mind that a rug that is too small can look disconnected and even make the room appear smaller!  If space allows, a larger rug will look more generous and can help bring the room together and even help make it appear larger!

    Measure your key furniture pieces and choose the size of the rug in relation to these as well as to the scale of the room. 

    When measuring for a larger rug, make sure you allow some space around the edges. 30-50cm from the walls is ideal.

    Living Room Rugs

    Your living room rug size should:

    • extend at least an extra 15-20cm on the floor on either size of your sofa
    • be large enough to sit under the front third of your sofa along its width
    • accommodate your coffee table with space to walk around it
    • allow at least the front legs of any occasional chairs to sit on it

    As a guide, for a standard 3 seater sofa (230cm wide) our suggested minimum rug size is 200cm x 290cm.

    Dining Room Rugs

    Common dining room rug sizes include

    • 200cm x 290cm
    • 240cm x 330cm
    • 300cm x 400cm

    Your dining room rug size should:

    • be large enough to allow for chairs to stay fully on the rug when moving them out to sit down.

    • ideally you want your chair to be fully on the rug while seated

    • extend an extra 20-30cm on the floor behind your dining chairs when they are tucked under the table.

    • have at least 30cm around the perimeter between the rug and your walls

    Bedroom Rugs

    Queen size bed (mattress size -153cm x 203cm):

    Our suggested rug size for a queen size bed is 240cm x 330cm. For larger rooms consider 300cmx 400cm. For smaller rooms, you could consider a minimum size of 200x290cm. 

     Your bedroom rug for under a Queen size bed:

    • should sit in front of the bedside tables. In this case it should not extend under the bedside table legs
    • cover the floor comfortably where you step in and out of bed
    • extend into the room at least 30cm from under foot of the bed

    King size bed (mattress 183cm x 203cm):

    Our suggested king size bed rug sizes include 240cm x 330cm, or for larger rooms consider 300cm x 400cm. 

     Your bedroom rug for under a King size bed:

    • should extend under the bedside table legs or just up to them  
    • cover the floor comfortably where you step in and out of bed
    • extend into the room at least 30cm from foot of the bed

    By carefully measuring and taking into consideration furniture pieces as well as the scale and features of the room you can find the perfect rug size.  Whether it's for looks or comfort, a beautiful rug can transform the space making it cozy and inviting for family and friends. 

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