Our quick tips to elevate your kitchen styling

Styled kitchen benchtop with a vase with green leaves, wooden chopping boards and a fruit bowl

One of our favourite ways to bring freshness and life to a tired kitchen is to group your most used essentials, add some texture with natural materials, and use lush greenery for a soft, organic display. 

We find that editing what you have and mixing in some new not only makes cooking and daily kitchen tasks all the more enjoyable, but freshens things up and creates a considered look.  

Our kitchen styling quick tips:

1. Cut fresh stems from your garden, or else pick up a bunch from the florist to create an effortlessly elegant display. The secret is to use tall stems and a generous vase to make a statement. 

A vase with greenery on a kitchen bench
A vinyl floor mat in front of a stove

2. We love having olive oil, sea salt and pepper next to the stove, and they make great tools for kitchen styling. Garlic bulbs and fresh herbs are also great for adding some colour.

3. Speaking of herbs... Fresh, woody herb cuttings from the garden like Rosemary or Oregano not only add fragrance to the room but can also be used in cooking.  

4. Elevate the look of plastic potted herbs from the fruit shop or supermarket by tucking inside a more decorative ceramic or stone pot.

Kitchen bench styling - Olive oil, herbs and garlic grouped in a marble tray
Kitchen bench styling - herbs, paper towel and salt and pepper grinders in a tray.

5. Textured timber cutting boards, and baskets with fresh fruit add much needed warmth to stone bench tops.

Kitchen bench styling - a basket of pears
Kitchen bench styling - wooden chopping boards, marble tray with olive oil, garlic and herbs. Salt and pepper grinders.

6. Fresh linen tea towels, and a mat on the floor can make such a difference to your kitchen styling. Your kitchen can look and feel like a new space in no time at all!

A fresh loaf of bread cooling on a rack being held by a woman.
A vinyl mat in front of a stove

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