Protect and enhance your kitchen floor with our vinyl mats

vinyl mats are perfect mats for kitchens to protect your floors

Often the simplest design solutions can have the biggest impact

An easy way to not only enhance your kitchen, but also protect your floors, our vinyl mats add an essential layer to help make your home more welcoming for family and guests. They're one of the easiest and most cost effective ways to add a whole new look to a space as well as save floors in high traffic areas. 

Use vinyl mats in the areas that receive the most wear and tear. The kitchen sink and dishwasher are major culprits, as not only do we spend a lot of time standing in these areas, but the moisture from these fixtures can easily mark or damage your floors. The floor in front of your stove is another high wear area, and may be the cause of sauce or oil spills. A mat to protect the floor here can be beneficial too. 

Vinyl mats are perfect in front of the stove top or oven to protect your floors

To place the vinyl mat in position, simply unroll and lay it flat

Vinyl mats sit firmly on their own and don’t slide around. They relatively flat, unlike thick runners or rugs which can be potential trip hazards. Our vinyl mats can be used on many types of flooring including tiles, wooden or floating floorboards, polished concrete and linoleum. No glue, adhesives, or tools are needed to install them.

Placing vinyl mats - simply unroll and lay flat.

Our vinyl mats are available in the following patterns:

To find the right size mat for your kitchen

1. Measure up

Our vinyl mats come in several sizes so think about the floor coverage you need and the general size and layout of your kitchen. Our smallest mat (60x80cm) is a standard cabinet width and is ideal for small spaces.  It’s commonly used in front of the sink, oven, or in a standard doorway.  

A popular choice for vinyl mats for kitchens is our 68cm x 120cm size. It’s a little wider and offers that bit more coverage than the smaller 60x80 cm size.

Our vinyl mats come in long runner sizes too. These are great to protect the floor alongside a long work areas; or placed next to an island bench. 

Tip: We’re often asked if a mat should run the length of a kitchen island bench, or extend beyond it. As a general rule of thumb, matching the length as closely as possible to the length of the kitchen island will be aesthetically pleasing. A little longer or a little shorter is really a matter of personal choice. We prefer slightly shorter. 

If it’s more coverage you need, we  also have a more generous 120cm x 195cm size available. This size often looks best placed in a central area such as in open plan kitchens, butler's pantries, laundries, mud rooms, and in wide entry ways. 

Measure up for vinyl mats for kitchens
vinyl mat at a kitchen sink. Ideal mats for kitchens.

Here we’ve used a runner size vinyl mat so that it runs alongside both the kitchen sink and the dishwasher. This will ensure any moisture stays away from our floorboards, and is easy to clean off the vinyl mat.

2. Refer to our standard vinyl mats size guide below.

Most of our vinyl mats are available in the following sizes, with some exceptions: 

Vinyl mats size guide

3. Visualise it.

If you’re not the kind of person who can visualise roughly how big something will be in your room (and very few of us are), we recommend using a roll of masking tape to carefully mark out the size on the floor. 

Finding the right size vinyl mat

Vinyl mats are hygienic and easy to clean

Simply wipe your vinyl mat over with a soft damp cloth to clean any spills; or treat as you would your floors by cleaning with a soft broom or regular light vacuum and mop. Be sure to dry any spills that spread underneath the mat as quickly as possible to prevent mould. 

vinyl mats are easy to clean

Other areas you can use vinyl mats

While most popular as mats for kitchens, our vinyl mats are also fantastic for use in the laundry, hallway, mud room, powder room; and even underneath office chairs, pet bowls, household bins and high chairs! Think of an area where you need something durable to protect or disguise your floor, and a vinyl mat could be the perfect solution! 

We don't generally recommended them for wet areas including poolside, outdoors with no cover, or next to the bath or shower.

vinyl mats in the laundry
vinyl mats under pet bowls

For more information on our vinyl mats, visit the product pages listed below; or ask us for more information in store; or by emailing

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