Choose the perfect throw or blanket for your bed this winter

A cosy throw or blanket is the perfect finishing touch in any bedroom. Not only will it add texture and visual interest, but will always make a room feel more inviting and add warmth in the cooler months.

However, often when a throw blanket is too small in relation to your bed, it can look out of place in the room; as well as not being very practical when you want to use it! So how do you know what the right size is for your bed?

Be Generous

As a general rule, your throw or blanket should be the same length, or just shy of your duvet cover when fully opened. It should also extend over the edges of the bed so that you're not left short or fighting over it in the middle of the night! As a guide, the far edges of your throw or blanket should sit at least 15-20cm over the edges of your mattress.

SIZE GUIDE: Common throw and blanket sizes for Standard Beds


150x200cm (King Single Only) 





The layered look

Two throws used together creates a cosy, layered look. A finer knit or weave can work well as the primary base layer, with a chunky knit adding texture and warmth on top. We love the simplicity of moss stitch as a base, layered with chunky rib, chunky cable or chunky box folded over at the end of the bed.  

We're also loving the layering and patterns of our new Walter G quilts. The perfect mid-weight throw, these beautiful quilts are hand-stitched and hand block printed in India. Designs are produced here in Sydney by the talented duo behind Walter G - Lauren and Genevieve. These quilts come in one size, perfect for a queen size bed or couch. You could also use these over a King size bed, but keep in mind the drape over the edges won't be as long here. 

Warmer Weaves 

In general, if your blanket is woven or knitted, the tighter the weave, the warmer it will be! Smaller structure knits allow cool air less room to penetrate. In the cooler months, try our moss stitch, fine rib, chain rib, or Trieste throws for a light but warm layer.  

For an affordable, easy option for the whole family, try a fleece throw. Easy to wash in the machine, super warm, and a generous fit for a Queen size bed. They're also now available as a dressing gown to keep you warm all winter! 

If you're a warm sleeper, or simply don't feel the cold as much, a cooler throw to suit all-seasons might suit you better. A lighter, less structured weave will be best here. Try one of our linen throws, or the basketweave, chunky box, or light box throws. 

Neat vs Casual 

There's something oh so inviting about the bed blankets you see in the pages of magazines. Effortlessly thrown to achieve a casually rumpled look, they give the feeling of 'endless weekends' at home. 

The reality is, we don't all live this way - so we say go with what works for you and your home! We like to keep things generally neat, with a hint of effortless. Paired with a neatly made bed, your blanket can be left a little tousled to give a more relaxed feel. 

But if you just can't cope with the casual, messy look, there's nothing wrong with folding your blanket neatly on the end of your bed. Try folding in half lengthways for a classic band of colour and texture. 

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