Our must-have bathroom accessories and how to style them at home

Pure cotton bath towels styled on a stool, next to a free standing bath tub.

There's nothing more calming and luxurious than being pampered, and while a luxury day spa, or a weekend away in a nice hotel might be on your wish-list; its easier than you think to make your bathroom at home feel like the calm oasis you need to unwind! 

Create the luxury bathroom of your dreams with a few well-placed bathroom accessories.  We've put together a list of our favourites to help you get started. 

Our must-have bathroom accessories:

1. Soft fluffy towels are one of life’s little luxuries. A sure way to bring spa vibes home, our Bemboka cotton towels are top of our must-have list of bathroom accessories. Recognised for their quality, Bemboka towels can be found in the bathrooms of some of the most spectacular boutique hotels internationally! Available in a range of sizes and colours to suit your style, they're a long-lasting, timeless bathroom staple. We use these fabulous towels at home, and are proud to stock them in our stores! 

Pure cotton bath towels on a wooden stool
Pure cotton bath towels hanging on a towel rack next to a free-standing bath.

2. A nice smelling hand wash is something you will appreciate everyday, and it makes your home feel welcoming for family and guests too. Our tip is to find a hand wash that also comes in a refill pack size. Being able to refill the original bottle is cost effective, and minimises waste!

A vase with greenery on a kitchen bench
A vinyl floor mat in front of a stove

Soaps from our collection, also available in refill size bottles

Get organised

3. Baskets can be used throughout the bathroom to help keep things organised. A basket for washing is a must-have in busy homes, and will remind everyone to keep the bathroom tidy. A small counter-top basket or bowl is great for storing spare hand towels, soaps or face washers in the guest bathroom too. 

4. Group most-used items together with a simple tray to keep clutter to a minimum

5. Create a designated place for your jewellery to keep it safe; and display it beautifully if you wish to! A trinket dish or box will keep your treasures safe. 

Bathroom accessories - a basket for organising and storage
Bathroom accessories - a marble heart trinket plate to hold jewellery

6. Vases with greenery or flowers will add much needed softness to hard bathroom surfaces. Freshly cut stems from the garden are affordable and look fabulous. For a long-lasting arrangement, try everlasting flowers or foliage like our Yvie roses. 

A fresh loaf of bread cooling on a rack being held by a woman.
A vinyl mat in front of a stove

7. A stool in the bathroom is so handy. Use it to display or store towels, or as a handy side table next to the bath! 

A fresh loaf of bread cooling on a rack being held by a woman.
A vinyl mat in front of a stove

8. Ambient lighting and soft fragrance go a long way to creating your calm bathroom oasis. Don't forget to turn off or dim your overhead lights. Add ambient lighting and a calming fragrance with a candle. We love the fresh figgy notes of our 'Green House' candle. It's also available in a room spray for that instant burst of freshness when you need it.