We have some news! 'The Tara Dennis Store' is now known as 'Pepperwhites' by Tara Dennis. Although our name and branding may look a little different, the team behind Tara Dennis is the same. 

What inspired the change? 

Over the past few years, our small, family-owned business has expanded to include two bricks and mortar stores based in Sydney, as well as an online store shipping Australia wide! Our team has grown accordingly, and it feels only right that our new name should be inclusive of our larger team, and vision for our brand going forward. 

Tara wanted our new name to be all encompassing, evoking our classic, relaxed style of living. We believe that good design starts with a classic base, upon which you can layer finishing touches to create a home that reflects your style, and how you live. The colour of white pepper is a smart neutral foundation colour with which other shades can be layered, creating endless styles and combinations. Our new name brings to mind these classic shades, hence 'Pepperwhites'. 

This is such an exciting step for us as our business continues to grow. We look forward to bringing you the same exceptional service, quality goods, and beautiful style that you know and love! Thank you for being part of our journey.