Tips for keeping your rug looking clean and fresh.

Our family friendly rugs are perfect for busy homes. 
To get the most out of your rug we recommend the following... 

General rug care

  • Depending on the foot-traffic your rug receives, rotate the rug at least once a year for even and balanced wear.
  • Do not expose your rug to direct sunlight. Use appropriate curtains and draperies.
  • Vacuum your rug regularly with a gentle setting.
  • Do not use rotating brush (beater) attachments.
  • For professional overall cleaning, do not machine wash your rug and make sure to contact a rug cleaning specialist.
  • Roll up your rug in plastic sheet for storage and transport, and use mothballs where necessary.

How to clean spills from your rug

  • Act immediately to clean all liquid spillages without delay.
  • Scoop up solids first if any.
  • All stains and spillages are to be spot cleaned only.
  • Do not wash or wet the entire rug.
  • Do not use salt to absorb liquid spillages.
  • Use paper towel instead for blotting (not rubbing) both sides of your rug.
  • When using carpet stain removers, make sure the product does not contain peroxide or bleach, and test before use.
  • Mild household detergents such as dishwashing liquids can also be used by dabbing with a sponge on the remaining stain after blotting initially. However, do not soak the area and use suds only.
  • Reblot afterwards with paper towel and apply plain warm water by dabbing to remove any detergent residue. After this, reblot the area again to remove moisture and ensure free air circulation around the spot to dry.

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