Know your bed before you shop

When you're shopping for bedding, sheets, throws, blankets, and cushions, it pays to know the measurements of your bed. 

In Australia, standard bed sizes are: 
  • Single Bed - 92cm x 188cm ( OR long single 92cm x 203cm) 
  • King Single Bed - 107cm x 203cm 
  • Double Bed - 138cm x 188cm 
  • Queen Bed - 153cm x 203cm 
  • King Bed - 183cm x 203cm 
  • Super King Bed - 203cm x 203cm 


Shopping for bedding - when it pays to buy the next size up!  

When buying fitted sheets and flat sheets, make sure you buy for your bed - so if yours is a Queen size, buy a Queen size for the best fit. However, when buying a new duvet and duvet cover, it can pay to purchase the next size up. This will look and feel more generous, and stop arguments over that last scrap of blanket in the middle of the night.So, if your bed is a Queen size, purchase a King size duvet and duvet cover. Trust us! It's worth the extra investment. 

Super deep mattresses 

A standard mattress depth can vary between 14-30cm. However, super deep mattresses are becoming more common on the market, as are mattress toppers to provide additional comfort and support. Before purchasing new sheets, remember to also measure the depth of your mattress (including any toppers), to make sure that your fitted and flat sheets will fit nicely.

Ensemble vs. Bed Frame 

Some of us have a mattress surrounded by a bed frame, while others prefer an ensemble set (i.e. a mattress with a separate base). If yours is an ensemble, you might want to consider a valance to protect (and sometimes disguise) the bed base, and add a layer of softness to your room. You may also want to consider a bedhead to add style to your room, and provide additional support for sitting up in bed.




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