Living Room Rugs

    Cornwall Rug

    6 sizes available

    from $250.00

    Cambridge Rug

    6 sizes available

    from $250.00

    Yorkshire Rug

    6 sizes available

    from $250.00

    Benjamin Rug

    6 Sizes Available

    from $220.00

    Millie Rug

    9 Sizes Available

    from $150.00

    May Rug

    6 Sizes Available

    from $150.00

    Charlotte Rug

    7 Sizes Available

    from $220.00

    Charlie Rug

    6 Sizes Available

    from $150.00

    Louie Rug

    6 Sizes Available

    from $250.00

    Grace Rug

    7 Sizes Available

    from $150.00

    Rugs are essential for any living room, providing warmth, texture, and visual appeal.
    Our living room rug collection features neutral palettes and designs reminiscent of lovingly worn Turkish rugs. Whether you're seeking a large rug to anchor your living room or a smaller accent piece, you'll find the perfect rug to complement your space and bring your room together.

    What are these rugs made of?

    Power loomed in Turkey, our living room rugs come in various compositions. Check the product descriptions of your preferred rug for detailed material information. Most of our living room rugs are made from a combination of cotton, synthetic fibres, and/or viscose.
    Polyester is a common choice for living room rugs. It’s easy to maintain, stain-resistant, and fade-resistant, perfect for high-traffic areas. It’s also lovely and soft, ideal for giving your living area a little extra coziness.
    Polypropylene, another synthetic fibre, offers good stain and water resistance but should be kept out of direct sunlight.
    Viscose, known for its silk-like properties, is best for low-traffic areas. It’s not recommended for homes with pets or young children.
    Cotton is mainly used to construct and hold the other fibres together, usually visible only on the rug's underside.

    What size are living room rugs?

    Our rugs are available in a range of sizes suitable for different size living rooms and different areas in the space.

    80x150cm Ideal for small accent areas in the living room, such as under a side table or in a cozy reading nook.

    160x230cm Perfect for defining a small seating area

    200x300cm Suitable for larger seating arrangements, providing a spacious foundation for a coffee table and sofas.

    240x330cm Great for more extensive living room setups, offering ample space for larger furniture configurations.

    300x400cm This large living room rug can easily accommodate multiple seating areas and larger furniture pieces.

    80x300cm runner Ideal for long, narrow spaces within the living room or hallways.

    Custom Lengths runner These are available in selected designs for a more personalised solution to suit specific needs in your living area or any other room of the home. 

    Custom size living room rugs

    Struggling to find the perfect size rug for your living room? Many of our rugs can be custom-cut to your specifications. If you need a square rug or any other specific size, please contact us for more details on this service. An additional fee applies for custom sizing; we’d be happy to provide a quote. 

    How to choose the right size rug for your living room

    Measure your living room accurately, considering doorways, alcoves, and built-in furniture that could affect rug placement.

    Ensure the rug is large enough for furniture to comfortably sit within it. Ideally, all furniture legs should be on the rug. If space permits, opt for a larger size to unify the room and create a more spacious feel.

    Choose a rug size that complements the proportions of your furniture and room. Is a rug is too small it can appear disconnected and shrink the room visually. A larger rug can enhance the room's coherence and make the space feel larger.

    When selecting a larger rug, leave 30-50cm of space between the rug's edges and the walls for a balanced look.
    See our Rug Size Guide for more information about rug sizing.

    Rugs with matching runners. 

    While there's no strict rule that your living room rug must match your hallway runner, if this is your preference, our collection offers some ideal options. Many of our rugs are also available in hallway runner sizes of 80x150cm or 80x300cm, with some customisable lengths available.
    For more details on rugs with matching hallway runners, please reach out to us online or visit our store. 

    Where do rugs go in the living room?

    There are several options for rug placement in a living room. 

    Under furniture groupings 

    Placing a rug under furniture groupings, such as sofas, coffee tables, and chairs, anchors the space and creates a cohesive look. It not only provides comfort underfoot but also defines the seating area, making it an inviting space within the larger room.

    Centre of the room 

    A large rug positioned centrally in the living room can serve as the focal point of the space. This placement not only adds warmth and texture but also ties together various design elements, from furniture to decor, creating a harmonious visual balance.

    Beneath a coffee table

    A rug beneath a coffee table can define the area as a cozy gathering spot. It helps to visually connect the seating arrangement while providing a soft surface for feet and creating a sense of intimacy within the living room layout.

    Near entryways or transition areas

    Rugs can also be strategically placed near entryways or transitional areas within the living room. They serve to welcome guests into the space while protecting the flooring from wear and tear, effectively balancing functionality with decorative appeal.

    Under the dining table

    If your living and dining areas are within the same room a rug under your dining table is a great way to break up the space.
    Rugs are a great design tool to anchor a space and stop your table and chairs from appearing to float around in the larger area of your living or dining room. Your rug can complement the style of your table setting and the surrounding decor while also adding texture and colour to the space.

    How to care for your living room rug

    Care information can vary from piece to piece depending on the material of the rug. However, there are some general rules that apply to caring for a rug of any material…
    Where possible avoid exposure to direct sunlight.
    Vacuum with a soft brush attachment on a gentle setting. 
    Clean all liquid spillages immediately.
    See our Rug Care Guide for more information. 

    Want to see the rugs in person?

    If you'd like to see our living room rugs in person before making a decision, feel free to visit our Balmain store. Located in Sydney's inner west, our store is staffed with a friendly and knowledgeable team eager to answer any questions you have about our floor rugs.
    If you can't make it to Balmain, you can also order sample rugs online. Check out more details about rug samples below.

    See a sample rug in your home

    Before settling on your new living room rug, why not take home one of our sample rugs to try out? This lets you see how a rug (or two) looks and feels in your space, ensuring it's just right. When you return the sample to us, the cost is applied towards your purchase of a larger rug. Plus, if you decide not to proceed with the purchase, we offer a full refund on the sample.

    If you pick up a sample in-store, simply return it the next day. For online purchases, please notify us promptly if you'll be returning the sample. Return shipping costs for online sample purchases are the responsibility of the customer. Sample shipping costs cannot be refunded.

    If you're unsure about ordering a sample rug online, feel free to reach out to us. We can assist with placing your order over the phone or help you through the online purchase process.

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