Creating a Storyboard for your next design project...

Before committing to any decorating or design project, it is important to take time to create a simple storyboard. This is something anyone can do and is a great way to compile ideas, pictures, samples and swatches and view them together as a group. 

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Here is our recommended step by step process:

Step 1

Start with pictures and ideas - which can come from magazines, catalogues and brochures.

Step 2

Ask suppliers for swatches and samples.

Step 3

Use white cardboard as a base. This will help to represent your colours accurately.

Step 4

Arrange your swatches and samples to see how they all work together.

Step 5

Like pieces in a jigsaw puzzle, play around until everything seems to fit and work together in harmony. Anything you're unsure of should be removed and replaced with something more suitable.

Step 6

Once you're completely happy, glue everything down. Then use this storyboard as the basic style guide for your new design scheme.

Those are our tips to creating a simple storyboard for your next design project, have fun creating something wonderful!