Linen Tablecloths

    Eloise Linen Tablecloth

    2 sizes available

    from $175.00

    Oceane Linen Tablecloth

    2 sizes available

    from $175.00

    Genevieve Linen Tablecloth

    2 sizes available

    from $175.00

    Light Blue Linen Tablecloth

    2 sizes available

    from $145.00

    Pewter Linen Tablecloth

    2 sizes available

    from $145.00

    White Linen Tablecloth

    2 sizes available

    from $145.00

    Natural Linen Tablecloth Fine Weight

    2 sizes available

    from $145.00

    Frayed Edge Linen Tablecloth

    4 Sizes Available

    from $215.00

    Linen Tablecloth Off White

    3 Sizes Available

    from $280.00

    Linen Tablecloth Dusty Blue

    3 Sizes Available

    from $280.00

    White Linen Tablecloth

    170cm x 250cm


    Linen tablecloths are a fabulous choice for any dining occasion, offering a blend of elegance, durability, and versatility. Crafted from flax fibres, linen tablecloths boast a luxurious texture that adds a touch of sophistication to any table setting.
    Renowned for their breathability and absorbency, linen tablecloths are ideal for both casual gatherings and formal events, protecting your table surface as well as creating an inviting atmosphere for your guests.
    With a range of sizes and colours to choose from, our selection of linen tablecloths allows you to effortlessly elevate your dining experience and showcase your style with understated elegance. 

    Coloured Linen Tablecloths 

    We have four colours available in our linen tablecloths. White, Pewter, Natural and Light Blue.
    White linen tablecloths are perfect for a classic look. They will work beautifully for any event from a casual dinner at home to a grand wedding.
    For a more relaxed look, our Natural Linen Tablecloth might be more your style. You can team this with other natural items like rattan placemats and coasters to create a really lovely earthy table setting sure to impress your guests.
    Our Pewter colour is a lovely charcoal tablecloth. Perfect for creating a rich, moody table setting. 

    The Light Blue linen tablecloth is a stunning soft baby blue. This colour is a great choice for a creating a relaxed coastal feel. It can also be quite sophisticated when paired with the right accessories. 

    All of our coloured tablecloths have matching table runners and napkins available too. Choose to create a matching set or mix and match with other colours to create a well thought out tablesetting.

    What size tablecloth I need?

    Not sure what size tablecloth you need for your dining table? No problem, we’ve created a handy tablecloth size chart to help you find the right size for your table.
    When looking for a linen tablecloth there are a two key points to take into account.
    The size of your table and how you want it to look when set.  

    Ideally, your tablecloth should be large enough to cover the width and length of your table, with a little extra length to drape over the sides. A 15-30cm drape over each edge is ideal, but you can do a little more or a little less depending on your own personal style. 

    Plain or patterned tablecloth? 

    Now that you know the size tablecloth you need the next choice is plain or pattered.
    This really comes down to personal preference and the occasion you're styling for.

    For simple and elegant settings, you can't go past a classic plain linen. For an event that can be a little more fun and playful perhaps a block print linen table cloth is what you need. 

    Block Print Linen Tablecloths

    Our block print linen tablecloths have all been hand printed by skilled artisans in India. Their gorgeous floral designs sit so beautifully against the natural colour of the linen base cloth. 

    How to wash a linen tablecloth

    To ensure your new tablecloth stays looking it’s best for a long as possible, it's important to follow proper care instructions.
    When washing, opt for hand washing whenever possible to maintain the fabric's integrity. If using a washing machine, wash the tablecloth separately on a delicate cycle to minimise agitation. Avoid using bleach or harsh chemicals, as they can damage the linen fibres. After washing, refrain from tumble drying or dry cleaning, as these methods can cause shrinkage or damage to the fabric. Instead, allow the tablecloth to air dry in the shade to preserve its natural texture and colour. Once dry, you can choose to iron the tablecloth (on the reverse side if there is a print) using a cool setting to smooth out any wrinkles and creases. By following these care instructions, you can enjoy your linen tablecloth for years to come. 

    How to keep linen tablecloths from wrinkling

    Keeping your tablecloth wrinkle-free requires some care and attention, but it's achievable with the right approach. Here are some tips to help prevent wrinkles in linen tablecloths.

    Hang or fold immediately

    After washing, remove the tablecloth from the machine promptly and either hang it up or lay it flat to dry. Avoid leaving it bunched up in the machine, as this can lead to deep wrinkles.

    Iron While Damp

    If the tablecloth is slightly damp after air drying, it's the perfect time to iron it. Ironing linen when it's still a little bit damp makes it easier to smooth out wrinkles and creases.

    Use a Damp Cloth

    If the tablecloth has already dried completely and developed wrinkles, mist it lightly with water using a spray bottle or dampen a clean cloth with water and press it onto the wrinkles. Then, use a warm iron to gently iron out the wrinkles.

    Iron on the Reverse Side

    When ironing the tablecloth, turn it inside out or iron it on the reverse side to prevent shine or damage to the fabric. Use a medium to high heat setting on your iron, as linen can withstand higher temperatures.
    Allow the linen to cool before folding.

    Store Properly

    When not in use, store the linen tablecloth folded neatly in a cool, dry place.
    Avoid overly full drawers or stacking heavy items on top of your cloth, as this can cause wrinkles to set in.

    Consider a Linen Spray

    Spritzing the tablecloth with a linen spray before ironing can help relax the fibres and make it easier to remove wrinkles. Choose a linen spray with a light, pleasant scent to refresh the fabric as well.
    Did you know our Trudon Room Sprays and Scent of Home Room Sprays can also be used as linen sprays? So many fragrances to choose from!

    Linen tablecloths for weddings

    Linen cloths offer a timeless and elegant choice for weddings, adding a touch of sophistication and refinement to any venue. With their natural texture and understated beauty, linen tablecloths provide a versatile canvas for creating the perfect wedding tablescape.
    Whether used in a rustic outdoor setting or an elegant indoor venue, linen tablecloths complement a variety of wedding themes and colour schemes.
    Paired with some lovely dinnerware, sparkling glassware, and lush floral arrangements, linen tablecloths can elevate the overall aesthetic of the wedding reception, creating an atmosphere of timeless romance and charm.
    White is the obvious choice for a wedding table setting however you could also consider a natural linen or pewter for a bold, sophisticated look.
    Matching napkins are also available for our plain linen tablecloths. A must have for any wedding table setting. 

    Where to buy linen tablecloths

    You can shop our range of linen tablecloths online and have them delivered to your door anywhere in Australia.
    If you prefer to shop in person you can visit our Balmain store in the Inner West of Sydney, Australia. We have all of our tablecloths here for you to see and feel.
    Our knowledgeable team are happy to help with any questions you may have about these cloths or anything else. This applies online too! If you have any questions please feel free to contact us and a member of our team will be in contact as soon as possible. 

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