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Jolie Paint is a water-based, non-toxic, and quick-drying paint for furniture, floors, walls, and home accessories. Achieve beautiful painted finishes, such as smooth, modern, distressed, textured and many more.

Jolie Paint adheres to most surfaces without sanding or priming.  Ensure the surface is clean and dry, paint evenly and allow the paint to dry before applying a second coat.

If the finish of your piece is particularly shiny and/or smooth to the touch, we recommend lightly sanding the piece with a medium Jolie Sanding Pad before painting to ensure that the paint adheres well. In this case, paint your first coat and let it dry for 48 hours before applying the next. This will allow the curing process to begin, the paint to harden, and promote adhesion. 

There are certain surfaces that do not accept paint and should not be painted. These include powder-coated metal, thermo wrapped cabinetry, kitchen and bathroom benchtops, some plastics tile and oily woods such as teak. When in doubt or on large projects, we always recommend testing a small area before painting the entire piece. 

Loose or flaky paint should be always be thoroughly sanded or removed prior to painting.

If you paint over RUST, it will likely return through your finish. This may or may not be your desired look. To control the rust, sand off as much of it as possible and treat the surface with a rust inhibitor or a rusty metal primer before painting.

If using wood fillers, use water based fillers only.

Some pieces will need a primer to prevent any oils or stains from bleeding through the new paint finish. If you are painting a dark wood, or a stained piece of furniture, we recommend using Zinsser Shellac based primer first. You can find this at paint or hardware stores. A shellac based primer will not only block any potential stains bleeding through your paint finish and showing up as pinkish, yellow marks, but will also make it easier to achieve great coverage with your first coat. This is especially important if you have chosen a light coloured paint.

We recommend giving furniture a thorough wash before painting. If your surface has noticeable dust, dirt or grime, you should clean it with mild detergent and warm water, then thoroughly rinse with clean water and allow to dry well before painting. On older furniture items, traces of silicon-based furniture polishes can prohibit the paint from adhering properly so this step is especially important.

Yes! Shake and stir your paint well before you begin painting. Failure to properly mix your paint is the number one reason you may experience problems with a project. Jolie Paint is highly pigmented, and these pigments can naturally settle to the bottom of the can over time. Before you open your Jolie Paint, ensure the lid is firmly on before shaking vigorously for a minimum of 30 seconds. Open the lid and stir well. Use a mixing stick to move the paint around in the can and pull the paint from the bottom up to the top. Stirring very well will ensure that pigments that might have settled on the bottom of the can are distributed evenly throughout all of the paint.

This does depend the colour selected, as well as the base colour of the item you are painting. Some colours have better coverage than others due to the pigments used to make that colour.  In most cases, two or three coats should be sufficient. Always stir paint thoroughly prior to use, and if using a light colour such as white over a dark base, a primer undercoat can assist with achieving good coverage.

Jolie Paint dries in about 30-45 minutes, or when the surface no longer feels cool to the touch. Dry time may vary depending on your climate and the thickness of application. The second coat will dry faster than the first coat, and more heavily pigmented colors (darker and/or brighter) will take longer to dry.

When freshly painted, your finish will feel quite soft. This is the best time to manipulate it with techniques such as distressing, applying Finishing Wax, etc. As the paint cures (a process which takes approximately two weeks), it becomes much harder and more difficult to manipulate. 

If force drying the paint with heat - such as a hairdryer - take care to hold the dryer at a reasonable distance so as only to create a warm air flow. Concentrating the heat near the surface may cause blistering and cracking of the painted finish.

Jolie paint goes a surprisingly long way. One tin (946ml) covers approximately 13 square metres. As a guide, this would be ideal for at least one small to medium sized piece of furniture, such as a cabinet or buffet.  One 4oz (118ml) sample pot covers approximately 1.7 square meters, an ideal size for a dining chair or small project. The actual coverage may vary depending on surface and application. 

Jolie offers durable topcoats and finishes to protect and seal your projects. The choice or wax or varnish depends on the look and feel you prefer as well as durability required.

Jolie Finishing Wax is a popular choice for its finish as well as ease of application. Non yellowing, non-hazardous and having  no odour, wax provides a silky, matte finish and is available in a clear finish as well as in three colours: Brown, Black, and White. Use for interior projects only, always use Clear wax before using the coloured waxes.

Jolie Varnish is a clear, water-based acrylic topcoat that creates a long-lasting finish on furniture and cabinetry. It is available in two sheen levels: Gloss and Low-Lustre.

Jolie Floor Varnish produces a satin sheen for added strength on surfaces that need it most. 

Jolie Finishing Wax is available in two sizes: 120 ml and 500ml. As a guide, one 500 ml tin covers approximately the same surface area as 2-3 tins of Jolie Paint. Actual coverage will vary depending on the thickness of the application.  

Recommended amounts for coloured Finishing Waxes will vary based on technique and desired level of colour embellishment over Jolie Paint.

Jolie Varnish

One 8oz (236.6ml) jar covers approximately 2.5 square metres. As a guide, this would be an ideal size for a small side table or dining chair.

One 946ml tin covers approximately 10 sq meters. A good size for a small furniture piece such as a buffet, small cabinet or average dining table.

One gallon (3.79 litres) covers approximately 40 sq meters. This is a custom size and is ideal for larger projects and cabinetry.

Actual coverage may vary depending on surface and application. 

A wax brush is ideal to deliver an even coat of wax to ensure a consistent finish. We highly recommend them on larger items especially for the best finish possible as well as ease of application.

The brush you choose is purely personal and depends on your particular painting style.

The signature brushes are stocky and perfectly designed to hold plenty of paint and are enjoyable brushes to use. Ideal, for painting furniture pieces the signature brushes are excellent for handling details, curves as well as the flat areas. 

A flat brush generally holds less paint and is possibly not as versatile, though still preferred by some painters. They can also be useful for cutting in as well as smaller projects.

Both brushes are available in small and large sizes. The brush you choose will depend on the size of the piece you are painting. In store, we mostly use the small signature brush for its versaitility and comfort in the hand.

Pour your paint into a separate container while working, and clean the rim of your paint can as soon as possible. This will make it easier to properly close the can when you are done. Store in a cool, dry area.

Jolie Paint can be used on textiles and fabrics. Add up to 40% water to your Jolie Paint in a mixing container and apply the paint in thin layers to your fabric with plenty of time to dry between coats, preferably overnight. The easiest fabrics to paint are natural fibers and leather. Please keep in mind that this technique is most successful when executed on upholstery where fabric is pulled taut. On furniture that allows a lot of give, such as a comfortable sofa that you sink into, you may notice cracks in the paint over time. For additional durability, a light coat of Jolie Finishing Wax can protect your painted fabric.

For a smoother finish, you can easily thin out your paint by adding water. We recommend doing this in a separate mixing container and adding water slowly in controlled increments. Never add water directly into the can - it can contaminate the paint.

One of the great things about Jolie Paint is the ability to adjust its consistency to achieve different finishes. For more texture in your finish, you can leave your paint container open for about 30 minutes before painting. This will allow some of the water to evaporate and thicken the paint.

Yes, you can use Jolie paint for many outdoor project. Jolie Wax, however, is not recommended. Protect painted items with Jolie Varnish instead.

Yes, Jolie Paint and Finishing Waxes are considered food and baby safe, after they have had 14 days to cure.

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